Studio Alchemy gives you a peek inside my (messy) Studio as I create. No fluff. No makeup. Often in my jammies... The camera is always on when I sit at my art desk. Here, I share with you my process to give you inspiration to stay creative.

Inspiration Is Everywhere...

I am often inspired by the most ordinary things. That inspiration usually leads to me sitting down at my art desk, not emerging for many hours, with my hands involved in making something.

I sew. I paint. I art journal. I make portrait quilts. I crochet and knit.

Studio Alchemy has been created so that you can get inspired too!

There are so many creative endeavors I enjoy -- but there's not enough time in the day to get to them all! LOL At any given time, I have 5 projects going at the same time. Birthing ARTiculated Alchemy School is one of my creative adventures and I want to bring you along with me to the land of creativity! With the pandemic and things being closed or extremely limited to help keep everyone safe, we all are looking for new ways to enjoy ourselves. So, I share with you my studio process to keep you inspired and to give you new things to try.

These offerings haven't been "mastered" -- they often do not come with any written content. The videos are edited to the barest know -- enough to edit out the cat jumping on my desk and into the palette of paint or to edit out my teenagers screaming in excitement while they are playing XBOX or their virtual reality games. Text overlays are added where explanation of a process, tool, or supplies/materials are needed. Beyond that, it's just me in my PJs, creating...

I hope you will play with paint, pastes, collage, and other ephemera in your PJs too! Happy creating!!

Hi, I’m Wysdom

This picture shows you my art space setup from a few years ago when the only space I had to create was inside of my bedroom. This was my slice of heaven -- at the foot of my queen size bed... The art supplies and tools you see on the shelves are just a tiny fraction of the materials I have managed to accumulate over the years. I just can't help my Self! I see a new tool or supply -- a shiny object -- and 9 out of 10 times I am going to buy it. My excuse? I need a plethora of supplies for my mixed media artwork. It's all in the name of creativity!

Studio Alchemy is 100% Complimentary

The content here is free and will be free forever. Periodically, content is refreshed or swapped out with new content. Whatever my Muse wants, she gets and she likes to keep things engaging! Please make sure you have checked the box on the Enrollment Page that allows me to email you (opt in). If the box is not checked, I cannot notify you when new content is posted or if a workshop is going to be retired. Emails are infrequent -- I'm too busy creating content to spam you. Stay abreast of the goodies here and opt in.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question and I can't find where to comment so I can ask. What should I do?

Please post your question in the DIVA Wisdom Café -- my online community. Either myself or one of the sisters in the community will be happy to help!

How long will I have access to this content?

Access to Studio Alchemy is for a lifetime. However, I often refresh the content here as new techniques, tools, and supplies/materials become available. I like to keep the content fresh and engaging.

Are we able to download the videos?

Unfortunately, no. The content in Studio Alchemy is not able to be downloaded. Your lifetime access allows you to view the content as often as you choose. Please see the "exception" to this above.